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Tundra beat OG to reach Finals | TI 10 Europe Qualifiers

Tundra Esport's insane underdog run continues as they beat OG 2-0 in upper bracket finals of TI 10 western Europe qualifiers. Tundra are now in the Grand Finals of TI 10 qualifiers. Tundra beat OG convincingly as the Game 1 was 33 min. long and Game 2 was of 42 min. in favour of Tundra.

After this lose OG are now dropped in lower bracket finals where they will face winner of game between Team Nigma and team Liquid.

Tundra's Cinderella Run in TI 10 Qualifiers-

The western Europe TI 10 qualifiers are the most stacked qualifiers among any region as teams like OG, Nigma and Liquid are fighting for the last spot in TI 10. But it is looking like the Tundra Esports will be the one to qualify for TI 10. Tundra had played three series till now and hadn't dropped a single map and are looking unbeatable.

Tundra will now face one of the 3 remaining teams(OG, Nigma and Liquid). They already beat the Team Liquid and 2 time defending Champion of TI OG. They are currently 6-0 in these qualifiers not only that every game they have played they won it convincingly none of the games were closed and were one sided in favour of Tundra.

Tundra's Current Roster-

skiter Oliver Lepko

Nine Leon Kirilin

33 Neta Shapira

Sneyking Jingjun Wu

Fata Adrian Trinks


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