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OG reveals new Dota 2 roster led by Misha | A new start for OG esports !

OG reveals new dota 2 roster led by Misha

OG esports announced their brand new roster after a week of sad retiring news for fans. OG signs Misha, Taiga, BZM, ATF and Yuragi to their Dota 2 roster.

After winning back to back Internationals, OG had rough couple of years. OG failed to find a stable roster and had disappointed results. After the TI 10 the whole roster of OG dismantled, first Saksa and Sumail left OG to pursue opportunities with other teams. Ceb retired from competitive Dota 2 and Topson and Notail will take at least a season off from pro Dota 2. This led the OG esports to form a brand new roster from scratch.


OG Esports new Dota 2 roster-

Mikhail Misha Agatov was the first signing for team. The 24 year old was the former coach of OG Dota 2 and now will be the teams captain and Hard support player.

Tommy Taiga Le is the most experienced player in this team. Former Team Liquid player was a free agent before this signing

OG signed Bozhidar bzm Georgiev Bogdanov and Ammar ATF Al-Assaf from Creepwave roster. Bzm formerly known as Hansha will be teams midlaner and ATF will be offlaner for OG esports.

Teams carry player will be Artem Yuragi Golubiev, OG signed him from Team Unique.

“I really like Yuragi. He is good. I like how he sees Dota. How he understands it. I think he is going to be very good for us” – Misha

With OG announcing their roster, almost all the top tier teams have finalised their roster for next season of Dota 2. This off season was one of the craziest one ever, top tier teams like OG, EG, Secret, Liquid, Alliance had some drastic roster changes before the beginning of new season.


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