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NAVI wins ESL Pro League 14, defeat Vitality in grand final | NAVI completes Intel Grand Slam

CIS roster and world number 1 NAVI won the title of ESL Pro League season 14 and completes the Intel Grand Slam. They defeat French team vitality 3-2 in and insane best of 5 grand finals of ESL Pro League.

NAVI won ESL Pro League 14

Navi become only the third team after Astralis 2018 and Liquid 2019 to complete the Intel Grand Slam. Navi won IEM Katowice 2020, DreamHack masters spring, IEM Cologne 2021 and now ESL Pro League season 14 to complete their Intel grand slam and a $1 million prize.

NAVI vs Vitality ESL Pro League 14 Grand Finals results-

World number 1 and tournament favourites NAVI face Team Vitality in grand finals of ESL Pro league season 14. Fans were super excited for this series as they got to see world's top 2 player go head to head. The final was best of 5 series, Navi picked Dust 2 and Nuke whereas Vitality picked Inferno and Overpass. Mirage was the decider and final map.

Both the reams won their map picks convincingly and tied the series 2-2. Navi won Dust 2 16-10, Vitality answered by winning Inferno 16-6 and tied the series. Navi then won their second map pick Nuke 16-11, Vitality again answered by winning Overpass 16-7 to toe the series and force map 5.

Mirage was the final map of tournament and was an intense game, Navi had an amazing first half and were leading 10-5 going into second half. But Vitality managed to comeback to tie the score at 14-14, but Navi managed to win back to back final rounds of the map to win mirage 16-14 and grand finals 3-2.

Navi won $195,000 and Vitality took $80,000 form $750,000 grand prize pool. Navi also qualified to Blast Premier world finals after winning ESL Pro League 14.

Navi's super star player s1mple was named MVP of ESL Pro League season 14.


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