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Fnatic wins VCT Tokyo Masters 2023: EG vs Fnatic Results

Fnatic are the 2023 VCT Tokyo Masters Champions. Fnatic swept the grand finals 3-0 against Evil Geniuses and became the first ever Valorant team with two international event wins. Fnatic won $350,000 and an extra slot for the EMEA region in the VCT Champions 2023.

Fnatic wins VC Tokyo masters 2023, beat EG 3-0 in grand finals

Fnatic vs EG Grand Finals Results: VCT Tokyo Masters

Fnatic faced EG in the grand finals of the VCT Tokyo Masters. Fnatic already defeated EG 2-1in the upper bracket finals to secure a spot in the grand finals. Whereas EG after losing in the upper finals, beat Paper Rex in the lower bracket finals to secure their rematch against the Fnatic in the grand finals of VCT 2023 masters.

The grand finals was a best-of-5 series. The first map of the series was Lotus which Fnatic won 13-8. Fnatic also won the second map Split 13-11 and took a 2-0 lead. The third map of the series was Bind. Fnatic down 5 match points pulled off an insane comeback and won the map in overtime 14-12 to win the grand finals 3-0.

Fnatic The Best Team In VALORANT

With this victory, Fnati becomes the first ever to win two consecutive international events. Earlier this season, Fantic won Lock//In and now the VCT Tokyo Masters. They are the only team in Valorant Esports that is consistently on top.

Fnatic is the first Valorant team to win two international events and are now looking to cement themselves as the top team of the world in VCT Champions 2023 which will be played from August 6th in Los Angeles.

VCT Toyo Masters Final Leaderboard and Standings

The VCT 2023 Tokyo Masters had 12 teams competing for a million-dollar prize pool and an extra slot for their region in the Champions 2023.



Prize money





Evil Geniuses



Paper Rex






Team Liquid, EDG






T1, FUT Esports



Navi, ASE



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