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A new start for OG Dota 2 ? Sockshka leaves OG

Another bad news for OG fans, OG's Dota 2 Coach Sockshka left OG after being three years of coach for one of the best Dota 2 team of all time. OG announced this news on November 12 on their twitter account and with this the OG is going into full rebuild phase.

OG Coach Sokshka leaves OG, OG roster rumours and changes

Two time International Champions OG and its player are deciding to take some important decision for their career. After winning TI 9, OG's Jerax and ana decided to retire from pro dota 2 scene after winning back to back Internationals. According to many rumours, the remaining 3 player of that core OG roster might also be retiring or taking break from Dota 2 as players.

After TI 9 OG had tried many different players and changed positions of their player but never found a stable and winning roster. This instability is also seen in OG's DPC season and TI 10 perforamnce.

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OG Dota 2 roster changes and rumours-

Earlier this week Sumail and Saksa left OG esports to pursue future opportunities with other organisation. Ceb will also be retiring as he just came back from retirement to help OG, rumours are their that he might become the official coach of OG again. This leaves only two player remain in their Dota 2 roster currently, Notail and Topson. OG's star midplayer Topson after TI 10 mentioned that he will prioritize his family as he was just gifted with a daughter, therefore his future with OG is also not clear.

According to some rumours current captain of OG, Notail might also retire from pro Dota 2 and will become a candidate for OG's coaching spot. Misha might join OG team as position 5 player and captain if Notail decides to retire.


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