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Zhongli vs Ganyu which character to pull for in Genshin Impact 2.4

Ganyu and Zhongli character banners are finally live in Genshin Impact, payers can now pull for these strong characters from Liyue region. This banner also features Xingqiu, Yanfei and Beidou as 4 star units which are considered some of the stronger 4 star characters in game.

genshin impact new ganyu and zhongli banner, which character to pull for

Both Ganyu and Zhongli are considered broken in their respective roles, therefore players may find it harder to decide which character to pull for in patch 2.4. Older players will definitely know that which unit they need to pull for but for newer players here is the guide to decide which character is best for you.

Ganyu guide Genshin Impact-

Ganyu is a cryo character and is one of the highest damage dealing unit in game and manly rely on her double charged shot to deal massive aoe cryo damage. Her charged shot can deal more damage the elemental busts of many characters. If your team is lacking some damage you can go for her. She can also be played as a burst dps and a cryo applier for a melt team, but using her as a off field unit will not bring her full potential out.

Ganyu is a bow user which make her safe in combat due to long range fights, but she is also very squishy as you need to build her with only damage artifacts to achiever her potential. A shield character or an off field healer is necessary in Ganyu comp for her survivability.

As a bow user her playstyle is very boring and can be a deal breaker for many players and it is very difficult to play a bow user in general on mobile devices and console. Also keep that in mind the 4 star units in the banner are also not compatible with Ganyu if you are looking to build a complete team.

Zhongli guide Genshin Impact-

Zhongli is a geo unit and his main role is to provide sustainability in team with his insane shield. The Geo archon is mainly played in two roles, first as a shield bot by building him with massive hp and second as a shield + burst support. He is one of the more simpler unit to play and makes the game easier for players.

genshin impact zhongli banner in patch 2.4 and zhongli guide

Zhongli is also considered a bit boring as his shield strength can make you unkillable and no need to dodge any incoming attacks which can make the combat a bit boring. His burst has a 2 second long animation which provide a lot of window to dodge some attacks, but in game area like abyss where every second matter, these 2 second can be a bit issue for some players.

Zhongli is a better pick for new players as he makes game much easier also the 4 star units in banner with Zhongli can make a complete team which will be very strong.

In the end, which character to pull for should depend ultimately on your play style, character affection and overall fun aspect for individual character.


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