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What is the best gun in valorant ? | Valorant weapon tier list and weapon guide

Riot game's Valorant has been a great success and one of the most rapidly rowing game and esports title since its release in June 2020. The most important aspect of the game is its gunplay and weapon system, with 18 weapons in game there is a weapon for every situation. In this list we will categorised the weapon best for every situation and create an overall tier list.

Valorant weapon tier list-

This is the Valorant's weapon tier list and is arranged as per the versatility, pricing and some more aspects.

*This list is not accurate and perfect , in fact there is no perfect list. This is more preferential tier list.

Best Pistol for Pistol Round-

One of the most important round in the game is pistol round that is round 1 and 13, you need to win these rounds to create a momentum and build economy in your favour. With 5 pistols in game it can be confusing to choose a pistol for the opening round.

Best Pistol depends upon map and agent-

On long range maps like Breeze, Ghost and Sheriff are the supreme pistols by far but same cannot be said for all the maps. Frenzy can be more suitable for maps like split where fights are close range. Ghost is the most versatile pistol in game for every situation while Classic is most broken with its right click for close range.

For some agents like Skye, Breach utility is very strong and more important, for them Classic is the best choice with utility what Classic lacks in power the utilities of these agents completely overcome that. While for agents like Jett Frenzy can be better choice as they don't need their utilities in pistol rounds and needs to be entry fragger for their team.

Overall best pistol for pistol round -

  • Ghost and Classic

  • Frenzy

  • Sheriff

  • Shorty

Best weapons for force buys -

These are the rounds in which your team didn't have enough money to afford a full buy but have enough to buy some smgs and lower tier weapon which can win round. These rounds are important to make an comeback happen and to change the momentum in your favour.

Spectre is arguably the best force buy round weapon depending on map, on maps like Breeze the weapon is not good but on other maps its a solid choice to go up against rifles. Judge is also one of the broken weapon in game while the places where you can play is limited but the Judge do what it is supposed to do. On maps like Breeze Marshal is a S tier weapon and can go head to head easily against full buys.

Full Buy Round weapons-

Phantom, Vandal and Operator are the obvious top tier weapons for full buy rounds. While there is a great question that which one of the Phantom and Vandal and its completely preferential. But a certain edge can be given to Phantom as it is more versatile and easier to use but on long range maps like Breeze one headshot kill potential of Vandal from any range is more suitable and more viable than Phantoms 140 damage headshot from longer range.

Operator can be a hard weapon to learn and use but on a good sniper and a good Jett player this weapon is destruction and can single handedly win you rounds and games.


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