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Wardell leaves TSM FTX, rumoured to join 100T

TSM FTX and their star player Wardell are parting ways on their Valorant journey. Wardell played for the TSM Valorant for around 2 years and was the original signing of TSM's Valorant roster. Subroza is now the final member remaining of original TSM Valorant roster. TSM from a year tried to build the roster around Wardell and Subroza but never managed to find any stability and success.

wardell leaves TSM FTX, rumours to join 100T

This move was expected from a long time, TSM despite being one of the biggest Esports organisation was a Tier 2 team in Valorant. TSM signed Matthew Wardell Yu in May of 2020 as the core of roster, since then TSM doesn't looked like a tier 1 team. In these two years Wardell himself has grown very much as a player but failed to find any success in esports scene. Everyone in community agrees that this mutual partition is good for both Wardell and the organisation. Wardell decided not to move to Texas with the rest of the team and therefore wished to step down from the roster. TSM will be signing Seven from T1 on a full contract to replace Wardell for now.

The most suitable move for Wardell is now to join 100T. After the announcement of new coach and GM by 100T it was certain that the massive roster changes by 100T are coming and this timing of Wardell leaving TSM is very suitable for this roster change.

100T new Valorant roster rumours-

Along with the rumours of Wardell joining 100T their are also rumours of Derrek from Rise to join 100T as well. According to some sources the new 100T roster could look like this -






Their is high chances that 100T will be benching Hiko in coming days and will sign Bang on a full term contract. 100 T had not looked like a top tier team in 2022 and had a terrible performance in VCT NA Challengers.


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