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VP eliminated from WePlay AniMajor

Vivi Gaming beats Virtus.Pro in lower bracket series 2-1. Another top seed team got eliminated today after Aster and Alliance already sent home from AniMajor in round 1.

VP was number 1 seed from East Europe region from DPC season and was already placed in upper bracket of AniMajor. They lost to Team Nigam 0-2 in upper bracket and now 1-2 to Vici Gaming in lower bracket elimination game. But the good news for VP fans is that they are already direct invited to TI 10.

Chinese team Vici was placed in wildcards of this major from there they had a long road to get to playoffs as they played 12 teams before playoffs. They were placed in lower bracket of playoffs and now after beating VP they secured top 8 finish. They are also direct invited in TI 10.


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