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Vitality beat OG in semi finals of ESL Pro League season 14

French team Vitality defeat OG esports 2-0 in semi-finals of ESL Pro League season 14, they will now face the winner of second semi-final between NAVI and Heroic in grand finals.

vitality defeat OG in semi finals of ES pro league 14

Vitality after a rough season finally had some success as a team, they defeated world no. 2 and favourites Gambit 2-0 in quarterfinals to secure their spot in semi-finals. OG defeat NiP 2-1 in an intense series to move onto semi-finals.

OG vs Vitality result semi finals ESL Pro League-

OG were undefeated in the event going into this matchup and was directly placed in quarterfinals whereas Vitality finished second in their group and played an extra round of 12 game.

Map 1, OG picked Mirage and despite a late comeback attempt lost their map pick 12-16. Vitality took an important 1-0 lead in best of 3 series.

Map 2, Vitality picked Nuke to go against OG. Vitality started out strong and dominated first half with a score of 11-4 and took that momentum to convert into a 16-7 map win. Vitality sweeped the series 2-0 to move onto grand finals pf ESL Pro League Season 14.

Vitality will face winner of NAVI and Heroic game in grand finals. OG won $55,000 ($30,000 + $25,000 for 5 group stage wins).


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