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Vision Strikers defeat F4Q in Final | VCT Korea Challengers Playoffs

Vision Strikers wins the VCT Korea Stage 3, they beat F4Q 3-1 in grand finals. After a disappointing VCT Stage 2, Vision Strikers bounce back and showed everyone that why are the best team in Korea. They dominated the entire event and only lost 1 map in 8 maps played.

Vision strikers were unbeatable going into the grand finals and was dominating everyone. They did the same in finals and dominated F4Q, still F4Q managed to win 1 map but rest of the maps were not even close. Despite loosing in finals F4Q are still qualified for Berlin Masters along with Vision Strikers. Both these teams had also secured a spot in Last Chance qualifiers for VCT 2021 Championship.

Vision Strikers vs F4Q grand final | VCT Stage 3 Korea Challengers Playoffs -

VS faced F4Q in final series of Challengers Playoffs, both teams were already qualified for the Berlin Masters and would have not had any impact on Korea Standings. Vision Strikers were heavy favourites going into this matchup as they were dominating every team in the entire region.

source: Liquipedia

VS won the series 3-1 in a dominating fashion other than map 2, Split. Both these teams will represent Korean in Berlin Masters amongst the world's best. If VS will perform well they have a great chance to took the number 1 spot in Korea leader board replacing Nuturn. The number 1 team in Korea standings will directly qualify to biggest Valorant event, VCT 2021 Championship.


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