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Vikings Beat X10 esports : VCT Masters 2 Upper Bracket Day 2

Brazilian roster Team Vikings swept the series against Thailand's X10 esports in Upper Bracket Round 1 game 2. While the series looked one sided with a 2-0 finish in favour of Viking, it was actually really close.

Vikings will face the winner of match between Sentinels and Fnatic in Upper Bracket Round 2 , whereas X10 are dropped in lower bracket where they will face Japanese team Crazy Racoon in elimination game in Lower bracket.


X10 picked Icebox their map pick to go against Vikings , despite a great fight by X10 Vikings took the map with a score of 13-11.


Team Viking picked Ascent as their map. but X10 surprised everyone by picking sage for their star player Patiphan, which he played only 3 times in last 90 days. This map was also super close and goes to the first overtime of masters 2 where Vikings took it 14-12 and took series 2-0.


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