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Version1 Beats Crazy Racoons : VCT Masters 2 Play In Game 2

North American squad Version 1 beats Japanese team Crazy Racoon in a nail biting series

with a score of 2-0.

Play in game 2 was a pretty close game as V1 took the series 2-0 and qualified to next round in upper bracket where the will face EU roster Team Liquid. The Crazy Racoon are still in tournament and are dropped to lower bracket.


CR picked Ascent as their map to face V1. CR was struggling early game but they picked up pace as the game goes on but in the end they fall short and lost 11-13 on their map pick.


V1 responded by picking Icebox and they showed it why they picked this map by dominating first half by 9-3. But CR rallied their own comeback to bring back the score close but they again fall short in the end and lost 13-10 to V1.

Overall this series was pretty close as compared to the opening game of VCT masters 2.

Crazy Racoon will now face looser of upper bracket round 1 game in between X10 Esports and Team Vikings in lower bracket.


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