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VCT Stage 3 Korea Challengers Playoffs : Schedule, teams, matchups, prize pool and more

VCT Stage 3 Korea Challengers Playoffs are starting tomorrow August 6, this will be the last playoffs of this season. Top 2 teams from Playoffs will qualify for Berlin Masters which will be the last Masters of this season. 8 teams will be competing in Playoffs, all of them were qualified from stage 3 Challengers.

VCT Stage 3 Korea Challengers Playoffs: Teams-

8 teams will be participating in the Challengers Playoffs. Out of 16 teams playing in Challengers, top 2 teams from all 4 groups were qualified for playoffs. Now these 8 teams will compete to represent Korea in Berlin Masters, top 2 teams will qualify for Masters.

Amongst total of 41 players, 40 will be from South Korea and remaining 1 will be newgen from World Game Star, who is from Thailand.

VCT Stage 3 Korea Challengers Playoffs: Schedule and Matchups -

Challengers Playoffs will start from August 6, opening game will be between Vision Strikers and Prince at 17:00 KST. 2 games will be played daily on first 3 days. For the grand finals there will be a break of 1 week. Finals will be played on August 15th.

The tournament will not be of double elimination style, it will be a knockout style tournament.

VCT Stage 3 Korea Challengers Playoffs: Prize Pool-

While the main and most important prize for teams will be to qualify for Masters Berlin, the playoffs will also have a grand prize pool of around $71,000 USD.

1st $21,000

2nd $10,500

3rd-4th $7,000

5th-8th $5,250

All the games will be live streamed on Twitch on Valorant's official twitch channel.


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