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VCT Stage 3 Challengers 2 Europe- Schedule, Bracket, Teams and more

VCT Europe announced the schedule and brackets for main event of Stage 3 Challengers 2 which will be starting from 28th July. Challengers 2 will be the last chance for teams to qualify for EMEA Challengers Playoffs and to continue their road to Berlin Masters , which will be the final masters of VCT 2021.

8 teams will be competing in Challengers 2. Four (4) teams qualified from closed qualifiers whereas the other 4 teams were the bottom four teams from Challengers 1 and got another chance in Challengers 2. These 8 teams will fight for the final 2 spots in EMEA Challengers Playoffs where they will fight for 4 EMEA spots in Berlin Masters.

Teams qualified from closed qualifiers -

Teams from Challengers 1 -

Team Liquid and Fnatic will obviously be the favourites in Challengers 2 as they are considered the top 2 team in EMEA region and were the top 3 in Reykjavik Masters.

8 team have already qualified for EMEA Challengers payoffs (4 from Europe, 2 from CIS and 2 from Turkey), there are 4 spots remain for Challengers playoffs - 2 for Europe, 1 for CIS and 1 for Turkey. Top 4 teams from Challengers Playoffs will qualify for Berlin Masters.

EMEA Challenger Playoffs teams

VCT Europe Stage 3 Challengers 2 brackets and matchups-

Teams will compete in upper-lower bracket style tournament which will be that every team will get 2 chances before elimination.

VCT Europe Challenger 2 bracket

VCT Europe Stage 3 Challengers 2 Schedule-

The tournament will starts from 28th July and will end on 1st August. Day 1 will have 6 games - 4 upper bracket quarterfinals and 2 lower bracket round 1 games.

Challenges 2 will have a total prize pool of €35,000 which will be divided among top 4 teams also top 2 teams will qualify for EMEA Challengers Playoffs.

1st- €15,000

2nd- €10,000

3rd- €6,000

4th- €4,000


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