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VCT LOCK//IN Results, Schedule, Teams and Format | VCT 2023

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Valorant 2023 season is officially beginning with the start of VCT Lock//In São Paulo. World's top 32 teams will compete in a knockout format, and the winner of VCT Lock In will give their region an extra spot in VCT Champions 2023.

VCT lock in starts today

VCT LOCK//IN Results and Schedule

LOUD are in the grand final after beating DRX. Navi and Fnatic will face each other in the second semi-final.

VCT LOCK//IN Results-

In the first semi-final of VCT Lock//In Loud and DRX played each other. This was a best-of-5 series, LOUD managed to take a 2-0 lead in the series but DRX came back in the series to force a final deciding map. In the end the home team, LOUD won the series 3-2 to qualify for the grand final of VCT Lock//In.

Loud won Pearl 13-5 and Icebox 13-8, DRX won Split 13-7 and Fracture 13-7. LOUD then won the final map Ascent 13-8 to win the series.

VCT LOCK//IN Schedule-

After the completion of the quarterfinals of both Alpha and Omega brackets, the semi-fials tarts on March 2nd.

VCT Lock//In Semi-finals-

March 3rd

  • NAVI vs Fnatic

The VCT LOCK//IN has a 500K USD prize pool and the winner will take 100K from it. VCT LOCK//IN is the first international event of the 2023 season. This event will also be a showcase for all the partner teams as every single partnered team has a roster change. This event will also be the debut of the new map pool, which also includes pearl and Lotus.

VCT LOCK//IN leaderboard and results-

In total 32 teams participated in the VTC lock in 2023 which had 500k USD prizepool.














NRG, Talon, Leviatan, 100T



Giants, CLoud9, Karmine, EG, vitality, Secret, FUT, Furia



KOI, DetonatioN, Gen.G, FPX, BBL, PRX, Heretics, MIBR, Liquid, KRU, Zeta, Global E, RRQ, EDG, Sentinels, T1


VCT LOCK//IN Teams and Format

The LOCK//IN will have 32 partnered teams from the world competing for the first time and showcasing their new rosters. There are 10 EMEA teams, 10 American (North and South), 10 Pacific teams (SEA, Japan, Korean and South Asia) and 2 teams invited from China.

Group Alpha

  • KOI (EMEA)

  • NRG (Americas)

  • Detonation FocusMe (Pacific)

  • Giants (EMEA)

  • Gen.G (Pacific)

  • LOUD (Americas)

  • FunPlus Phoenix (Invited Chinese team)

  • Karmine Corp (EMEA)

  • BBL Esports (EMEA)

  • DRX (Pacific)

  • Cloud9 (Americas)

  • Paper Rex (Pacific)

  • Team Heretics (EMEA)

  • Evil Geniuses (Americas)

  • MIBR (Americas)

  • Talon Esports (Pacific)

Group Omega

  • Team Liquid (EMEA)

  • Team Secret (Pacific)


  • KRÜ Esports (Americas)

  • ZETA Division (Pacific)

  • Leviatán (Americas)

  • Team Vitality (EMEA)

  • Global Esports (Pacific)

  • FUT Esports (EMEA)

  • Rex Regnum Qeon (Pacific)

  • 100 Thieves (Americas)

  • EDward Gaming (Invited Chinese team)

  • Sentinels (Americas)

  • Fnatic (EMEA)

  • T1 (Pacific)

  • FURIA (Americas)

The 32 teams will compete in a single-elimination knockout bracket. All the games will be best of 3, semi and grand finals will be best of 5. The Round of 32 events starts on February 13th and the grand finals will be played on March 4th.


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