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VCT 2021 North America Last Chance Qualifiers : Teams, Schedule and Format

After a successful conclusion of VCT Masters Berlin the VCT 2021 Circuit Points and leader board are finalised. Now the Last Chance Qualifiers for VCT 2021 Champions will be starting from around 11 October to finalise last 4 teams for Champions.

VCT champions LCQ

On the basis of regional rankling's in Circuit Board, 12 teams made it to VCT 2021 Champions, 2 of them are from North America . One more team from North America or Oceania Tour (Australia) will qualify for VCT Champions through Last Chance Qualifiers. 10 teams 8 from NA and 2 from Oceania Tour will participate in NA LCQ and one of them will join Sentinels and Team Envy in VCT 2021 Champions.

North America Last Chance Qualifiers Teams and Schedule-

10 teams will participate in LCQ for a final NA spot in VCT 2021 Champions. 8 teams from NA seed #3 to #10 and 2 teams from Oceania Tour Championship will paly in NA LCQ which will start from October 12th.

Teams from NA in LCQ-

Teams from Oceania in LCQ-

North America Last Chance Qualifiers teams

The format for LCQ will be double elimination style, which means there will be upper and lower bracket and every team gets 2 chances before elimination. 6 teams will be placed in upper bracket quarter finals, 4 teams will first play in round of 10, 2 of them will joint the other 6 un quarterfinals whereas the losers of round of 10 game will dropped down to lower bracket.


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