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Valorant new Recon Skins | Butterfly Knife comes in Valorant

Riot released new Recon Skin Bundle, this bundle will be military themed and will have Camo design. The main attraction of this bundle will be melee weapon, the highly demanded Butterfly Knife is finally coming in game. The bundle will cost 7100VP and will have 4 colour variants.

This bundle will be last skin collection of Episode 3 Act 1 and will be a part of Patch 3.04 which will be 1.3 Gb in size.

The Recon bundle will have total 5 skins -

  • Phantom

  • Guardian

  • Spectre

  • Ghost

  • Melee Butterfly Knife

The Recon bundle will have 4 colour variants-

  • Default- Khaki/light brown

  • Red Camo

  • Grey Camo

  • Classic Green Camo

Valorant Recon Skins side attachments and animations -

The skins will not have any animations or sound effects but will have some new features like side attachments and bottom grip attachments. There will be 3 side attachments- torch and laser sight or a default. The bottom attachments will include angle grip and a regular grip handle and a default grip.

The attachments will be available to use after upgrading skins with Radianites. These attachments will be randomized every time which is whenever you use weapon there will be a random side attachment and a randomized bottom grip attachment.

Butterfly Knife in Valorant -

Most awaited and demanded skin in valorant is finally launched, The Butterfly Knife. The CS:GO's legendary knife skin will be a part of valorant now. The animation of knife is the smoothest in game so far but the fans are disappointed as the knife gets an ugly skin which looks like the 'Urban DDpat' from csgo. The skin straight up looks ugly but will get redemption due to its animation.


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