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Valorant new map Fracture | Valorant leaks Episode 3 Act 2

Valorant's brand new addition to their game will be their new map 'FRACTURE', which will be released in game along with Episode 3 Act 2 - Reflection on September 8th-9th. This map will be very unique from all the current map in game. Game developers didn't shy away to introduce some unique features in this map.

Valorant map Fracture

Also new battle pass will be released in new act which will feature Artisan sword as melee weapon at level 50. Check out battle pass leaks here.

Valorant new map Fracture unique features -

  • Two different attacker spawns

  • 4 ultimate orbs

  • Different door mechanics (like vent in Breeze)

  • Ropes connecting attacker spawns across the map

The players and analysts are considering this map to be highly attack sided due to 2 different spawns and so many paths to enter a site as attacker.

The map has 4 ultimate orbs, but all of them are heavily contested among the both sides. Teams have to fight and contest to secure orbs.

There will be 2 ropes joining the 2 different attacker spawns across the map, players cannot fall through these ropes even if they want to.


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