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Valorant new Episode 4 Act 1 leaks | Episode 3 ends on Jan 10

Riot games are planning to entering the year 2022 with a big update to their game. As episode 3 Act 3 will be ending on January 10 at 22:00 PT. Players will receive a rank gun buddy for their performance in last act of episode 3. This also implies that the new Episode will be releasing on January 11 or 12.

Valorant new agent NEON leaks and information-

Valorant new agent NEON in episode 4 act 1

The Act 1 of the new episode will also be bringing the new agent "Neon" to the game. The new agent is highly anticipated as it will be a duelist class, directly challenging the most popular agent in game - Jett. The new agent is of Philippines origin and is a female agent. The abilities of Neon will be related to speed and high mobility, as per the teaser and lightning elements related to agent.

Along with new agent there will also be a new battle pass in new Act, some meta changes will also come in game with the agent changes in patch. Also a new skin bundle outside of battle pass will also be launched.

The new episode will also receive a major reveal on the lore of the Valorant. In the previous episodes it was summarized that the agents are fighting against the Kingdom, who is building the duplicates of agent to fight against them.


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