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Valorant new Battlepass Skin leaks | Season 3 Act 3 release date

Valorant's new ACT is coming out on November 2nd 2021. This will be the final Act of this season, that is Season 3 Act 3. The battlepass details are out and leaked by various sources, this battlepass is considered one of the more basic one. The battlepass, as usual will have 3 skin bundles and a knife (melee weapon), new stickers, gun buddies and player cards.

Here are the skins which will be featured in new battle pass, This battlepass will have skins for 15 weapons including melee-

Valorant New Battlepass skins, Act 3 leaks-

Genesis Bundle-

This skin collection will have skins for Shorty, Bucky, Bulldog, Operator and a Knife (melee weapon). Only one colour variant.

Goldwin Bundle-

Goldwin bundle will feature skins for Ghost, Classic, Ares and Judge. There will be only one colour variant.

Aero Bundle-

This collection will have skins for frenzy, Spectre, Guardian and Phantom. These skins will have 4 colour variants.

Originally the new agent, Chamber was supposed to be released on November 2 along with Season 3 Act 3 but due to some issues regarding agent's finishing touch and final detailing the agent launch is postponed to November 16 with patch 3.10.


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