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Valorant new Battlepass leaks and Skins Preview | Episode 3 Act 2 to release on September 8th

Valorant new Battlepass skins and Episode 3 act 2 patch leaks.
Battlepass leaks

Valoran's new Act Reflection of Episode 3 will be releasing on September 8th. The Battle pass of the ACT 2 will be featuring 3 skin collection and a melee sword. The new map 'Fracture' will also be releasing in the ACT 2 on September 8.

The Act 2 will be called reflection and after seeing the trailer of new map Fracture it is also clear that map is divided into 2 different halves having different energy and biome, some sort of reflection of each other.

New Battle Pass Skins and Knife-

The Battle Pass will feature 12 gun skins and a melee sword as Knife.

Artisan Skins -

This collection will feature 4 gun skins : Phantom, Ghost, Bucky and Marshall, all the skins will have 4 colour variants

New Battlepass Skins Artisan collection.
Artisan collection

Artisan melee weapon-

The battlepass will have Artisan sword as its completion reward, the animation of the weapon is still not determined and may have a long sword (ruination collection) like animation. This will also have 4 colour variants like Artisan gun skins.

New Battlepass Knife Artisan sword.
New Knife

Varnish Skins-

This collection will have a rusty and retro vibe to it and will feature skins for : Judge, Sheriff, Stinger and Bulldog. This collection will not have any variants.

New Battlepass Varnish skins
varnish Skins

Nitro Skins-

The Nitro collection is back in valorant, this time with skins on : Vandal, Operator, Guardian and Odin. This collection will have 4 variants like the previous time when it was launched in game.

New Battlepass Nitro skins
Nitro Skins

The battle pass will also have all the other usual stuff like stickers and player cards, but the Valorant developer stepped up their meme game this time by including doge coin gun buddy and to the moon and many other fun stickers.


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