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Valorant new Battlepass Episode 5 and new map PEARL reveal and leaks

Valorant Episode 5 is releasing soon and with that new battlepass, new skins and the new map 'PEARL' is coming into the game. 'Dimension' Episode 5 ACT 1 will be released on June 22nd.

A new rank will be also introduced called Ascendant in between Diamond and Immortal. This will increase the mmr threshold for reaching Immortal and Radiant. With this change the lower ranks will be more widespread and it will be easier to climb up from the bottom ranks, but in the upper ranks this will reduce the skill gap.

Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 Battlepass preview

Valorant episode 5 new battlepass

The new battlepass will feature skins for 13 weapons including a new melee. This battlepass is looking mediocre and doesn't have any instant eye-catching skins, knife skin is also one of the worst in recent battle passes.

Shimer Collection will have skins for Classic, Bulldog, Judge and Stinger. This collection will have skins in four colour variants. Spitfire collection will have skins for Ares, Ghost, Guardian and operator. The final Collection is Task Force 809 and will feature Phantom, Spectre, Marshal, Frenzy and a Knife skin.

Pearl Valorant's new map

Valorant has revealed their newest map 'PEARL' as the game's eighth map. Split will be removed from the ranked and unranked and will be replaced by Pearl. Design vise map is built underwater in a dome, you can look up and see the water surface. The map is very open, clean and clear and will be a great addition to the game.


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