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Valorant new Battle Pass - Episode 4 ACT 1, skin collections

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Valorant and riot games has released their brand new Episode 4 - "Disruption" with patch 4. Along with new battlepass, new agent - NEON has also been launched in game, some weapon changes, map changes and ranked changes are also implemented in this patch,.

Valoran battlepass skins

Valorant new Episode 4 Battlepass-

The Act 1 of new episode has bring an impressive Battlepass for the players, this battlepass will have 12 weapon skins and a karambit knife. According to many players who are budget players, this battle pass is worth purchasing just to get the new knife, which also has 4 color variants.

Velocity collection-

This collection is the main collection of the battlepass and will have skin for phantom, spectre, bulldog and shorty. The Karambit knife will also be a part of this collection, all these skins will have 4 color variants - orange, yellow, purple and green.

Schema collection-

This collection is more on a simple monochromatic side, and will have skin for Vandal, sheriff, odin and stinger in one variant.

valorant battlepass skins

Hydrodip collection-

This collection will have skins for guardian, judge, frenzy and bucky.

Valorant battlepass skins

Sprays, Gun buddy and playercards-


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