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Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 new Battle Pass and skin review

Riot games released new Act 2 for Episode 4 in Valorant and launched a new battlepass with it. The Act 2 of Episode 4 came with a huge patch 4.04 and had a massive gameplay changes and agent balancing. Icebox was changed drastically and Yoru has been finally reworked, also Astra has got a massive nerf. Developers definitively tried to change the meta away form just using few fixed agents.

Valorant episode 4 act 2 battle pass review

Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 Battlepass review-

This battlepass features 3 skin collections for 13 weapons including a knife. Whether you should buy it or not, should depend only on your taste but in general this battle pass is pretty weak. If you are a budget player and looking for cool skins for your account then waiting for a better battlepass will be best choice for you and if you are just a collector then by all means go for it.

Striker skinline and Knife skin-

This collection features skins for Bulldog, Classic, Spectre, operator an Knife. These skins are available in 4 colour variants-

valorant episode 4 act 2 battlepass skins and knife review

Divine Swine collection-

This collection features skins for Ares, Frenzy, judge and Marshal. These skins has day and night cycles, which is first time in a battlepass skins.

Bane Skin collection-

This collection has skins for Vandal, Odin, ghost and Stinger.


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