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Valorant champions Schedule for today Day 6 | Valorant Champions Schedule and Results

Valorant's 2021 Championship is currently going on in complete force, Day 6 of the Valorant Champions will be the second last day of group stages and will be played on December 6, Monday. Day 6 will have 3 games - 2 group A games and one group B game.

Valorant Champions 2021 schedule, brackets, standings and results

Valorant Champions Schedule -

Day 6 of the Valorant Champions will have 3 group stages games-

  • Acend vs Envy - 15:00 CET

  • Keyd Stars vs X10 Crit - 18:00 CET

  • Sentinels vs KRU - 21:00 CET

The first series of the day is in between Acend and Envy in group A winners match. The winner of this game will qualify to playoffs as one seed from Group A. This will be a classic matchup between EMEA and NA and is supposed to be a very close series.

Second series of the day will be elimination game of group A in between Brazil's Keyd Stars and Thailand's X10 Crit. The looser of this series will be eliminated from the Valorant Champions 2021 and winner will play the looser of Acend vs Envy to qualify for playoffs.

Final series of the day will be Sentinels vs KRU and will be the last series of group B. The winner of this series will join Team Liquid in playoffs as a second seed from group B and the looser will be eliminated from Champions. Sentinels will be heavy favourites in this matchup but the South American side has all the skills to pull off an upset.

So far Crazy Racoon, Furia and Full Sense are the teams that are eliminated from Valorant Champions 2021. After today's result two more team will also be eliminated from Valorant world Championship 2021.


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