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Valorant Champions results-Fnatic qualifies for playoffs after defeating Vision Strikers

Fnatic become the first team in Valorant Champions to qualify for playoffs. Fnatic defeat Vision Strikers 2-1 in the winner's game of group D in Valorant Champions 2021.

Fnatic qualifies for playoffs of Valorant Champions 2021


Fnatic vs Vision Striker Valorant Champions result-

EMEA's Fnatic faced Korea's Vision Strikers in winner's match of group D. The winner of this game would have become the first team to secure the playoffs spot in Valorant Champions. Both these teams were evenly matched and was expected to give everyone a nice show.

Map 1 was Icebox. First half was even as the score ended up 6-6 but in second half Fnatic managed to run away with the rounds to win the map 13-10. Map 2 was Haven, this map also has a similar story, even first half but this time it was VS who managed to overtook the second half to win the map 13-10 and force the decider map. Final map of the series was Fracture, this map was completely one sided as Fnatic won it 13-6 without any difficulties and won the series 2-1.

Fnatic are now qualified to playoffs of Valorant Champions and have secured a top 8 finish, they are the one seed from group D. Vision Strikers still has a chance to qualify, they will face the winner of elimination game in between Cloud9 and Full Sense.

Valorant Champions Day 4 Schedule-

Day 4 of the Valorant Champions will be played on December 4, Saturday and will have 3 series. All of them will be winners match, that means the winner of those series will qualify for playoffs.

Sentinels vs Team Liquid - 15:00 CET

Vivo Keyd vs Envy/X10 - 18:00 CET

Gambit vs Vikings - 21:00 CET


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