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Valorant Champions results Day 3 - Fnatic in playoffs | Valorant Champions Day 4 schedule

Valorant Champions 2021 had its first playoffs team as Fnatic won the winner's match of group D. There was 3 games on Day 3 in which Vivo Keyd, Fnatic and Envy claim victory.


Valorant Champions Day 3 Results -

Frist game of the day was in between EMEA's Acend and Brazil's Vivo Keyd, Acend were clear favourites to win this series but Vivo Keyd had different intentions. Vivo Keyd came out strong and won the first map Icebox 13-9. Acend replied them by dominating map 2 Bind and won it 13-3 to force the decider. The final map of the series was Breeze where Vivo Keyd won 13-8 and completed the upset over Acend.

Second series of the day was the highly awaited qualification series in between Fnatic and Vision Strikers in winner's match of group D. The winner of this series would have qualified to playoffs of Valorant Champions 2021 and would also have secured a top 8 finish. In this intense series Fnatic came out victorious and won 2-1.

Final series of the day was Envy vs X10 Crit in which Envy were the heavy favourites and they proved it right as they won 2-0 (Breeze 13-8, Ascent 13-7).

Valorant Champions Day 4 Schedule-

Day 4 of the Valorant Champions will be played on December 4, Saturday and will have 3 series. All of them will be winners match, that means the winner of those series will qualify for playoffs.

  • Sentinels vs Team Liquid - 15:00 CET

  • Vivo Keyd vs Envy - 18:00 CET

  • Gambit vs Vikings - 21:00 CET


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