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Valorant Champions groups released with schedule | VCT Berlin Champions 2021

Valorant world Championship for its first ever season will start form December 1st, Valorant Champions will be the final event of VCT 2021 and will be played in Berlin, Germany and will have a grand prize pool of 1 million USD.

Total of 16 teams from 7 different regions will compete in world championship to be crowned as the world's best. Valorant Champions 2021 groups are announced by VCT, 4 groups of 4 teams are created by random drawing and no team from same region were placed in same group.

VCT Champions 2021 group stages and teams

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group D is considered as the group of death by fans and analysts and Group C will probably be one of the more less competitive group as the VCT Berlin Masters winners Gambit will be the clear favourites in group C. Seeing Sentinels and Team Liquid in the same group brings high excitement for the fans as finally the two superstars, Tenz and Scream has a chance to face each other.

Valorant Champions Schedule and Format-

Valorant Champions will start from December 1st and Grand Finals will be played on December 12th. Entire event will be hosted by Berlin, Germany and will be a LAN event. Three best of 3 series will be played every day of the tournament, Vision Strikers and Full Sense will play the opening game of VCT 2021 Champions.

All the series will be BO3 except the grand finals which will be a BO5 series. The winner of Valorant Champions 2021 will won US $350,00. The format of VCT Champions will be similar to that of VCT Stage 3 masters Berlin. Group stage will be double elimination, 2 teams form each group will move onto knockout stages. Knockout stage or playoffs will be single elimination games.


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