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Upset for Sentinels, just another bad day or end of an Era?

Sentinels were in the headlines just few weeks ago after the controversy revolving around Sinatraa. Since then his replacements Tenz has helped sentinels to power through and become the NA champions.

Being the NA champions and putting in a powerful performance every game, everyone expected them to easily push through the second phase of VCT Masters. This however wasn’t the case as they faced a shocking defeat against BBG.

Sentinels lost two maps in succession after a very dominant performance by Poach of BBG. Sentinels lost on Ascent and Haven with a score line of 13-5 in both the maps.

Sen Shazam explained the loss by saying that this was just a bad day for them and they were not prepared for what was coming, naturally all of Sentinels game are available and the teams can prepare but the lack of games of BBG led to no solid preparation by the NA champions. Also missed shots, late rotations, and losing opening duels plagued the team all series. They only won one pistol round between both maps. Social media was abuzz with the loss and some even hilariously compared the loss with Sentinels to them trying to lower Tenz’s buyout price.


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