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Tundra spoils new Alliance debut in DPC Season 16 Division 1

Tundra defeat Alliance 2-0 in opening series of Western Europe DPC Season 16. This series was the Debut of new Alliance roster which was ruined by Tundra.

DPC Season 16 schedule and results week 1

After this busy off season, Alliance was on of the teams that had a massive roster change. Alliance added 3 new player to their Dota 2 roster, they replaced Limmp, s4 and fng by signing Leslao, Supream and Aramis. The fans were very excited to see this new Alliance Dota 2 roster competing in DPC Season 16.

Alliance vs Tundra result DPC Season 16

Division 1 -

Tundra dominated Alliance in this opening series of DPC Season 16 Division 1 Tour 1. Alliance looked like a Division 2 team against Tundra, the reason goes to the new roster and lack of play time together. Tundra won the series 2-0 and surprisingly had the exact same lineup in both the maps. Tundra won first game in 34 minutes with a kill score line of 39-12 and second game in 39 minutes with 50-14 kill score.

Alliance vs Tundra DPC Season 16 results

Alliance will now face Team Secret on December 4th and Tundra will have a match against Nigma Galaxy on December 7th.

Tundra after the last DPC season has established themselves as an top tier team in Wester Europe. Tundra last year even managed to reach the finals of The International 10 qualifiers, Tundra in last season managed to beat teams like OG, Nigma, Liquid and Secret to stay in Division 1.


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