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TSM FTX Valorant Roster Changes before VCT Stage 3 Challengers

The North American org. TSM FTX bring Sean "bang" Bezerra to their Valorant Roster. In an recent interview the team mentioned that TSM were facing many roster issues and tried a lot of different routes. They tried bringing brax as their sixth man but failed to achieve any good results and parted their ways with him.

The 17 year old American had pretty low experience in professional esports scene. He previously played for some tier 2 valorant teams. But he is super young so he will have many chances to improve and working with such an experienced org and players will certainly benefit him as an individual.

In May TSM benched their IGL Stephen reltuC Cutler, Hazed is now the IGL of the team. Also in May they signed Chet Singh as their new coach, he was previously the Coach for NRG Valorant team and also coached many top tier CS:GO teams like Evil Geniuses.

Their Coach Chet Singh mentioned that bang was the perfect piece for TSM's valorant roster, and it was easier to sign him as he was a free agent. They were in need of a young aggressive entry player as their current team had many passive individuals.

Current TSM Valorant Roster-

hazed James Cobb

Wardell Matthew Yu

Subroza Yassine Taoufik

drone Taylor Johnson

bang Sean Bezerra


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