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TSM defeat Faze to win VCT Stage 3 NA Challengers 2

TSM.FTX defeated FaZe 3-1 in gran finals of VCT Stage 3 NA Challengers 2. After a disappointed VCT season TSM finally performed up to expectations as they cruised their way through the Challengers 2.

This concludes the Challengers 2 and all the teams to qualify for NA Challengers Playoffs. TSM, Faze, Luminosity and Rise qualify to Playoffs through Challengers2.

Faze also had an amazing run in Challengers 2. After loosing to Rise in first game of event and dropping down in lower bracket, Faze won 4 straight series to make their way in grand finals and qualify for Challengers Playoffs.

TSM vs Faze Grand Finals VCT Stage 3 NA Challengers 2 result-

TSM won 3-1 in a bo5 series against Faze to win Stage 3 Challengers 2. It was pretty one sided series as TSM dominated heavily in final 2 maps of the series.

Map 1 was Ascent picked by Faze and they took the map 13-11 in an intense game. TSM then won 3 straight game in a dominant fashion (13-6, 13-6 and 13-2) to took the series 3-1 an become the champion of Challengers 2.

Despite this loss Faze still qualified along with TSM, Rise and Luminosity to EMEA Challengers Playoffs where they will be competing to qualify for Berlin Masters.

VCT Stage 3 EMEA Challengers Playoffs teams-

With this series the Challengers 2 concluded and all the 8 teams for NA challengers are finalised, 4 from challengers 1 and 4 from Challengers 2. This 8 team will compete for 3 NA spots in Berlin Masters.


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