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Tips for new Streamers

Gaming is growing at a rapid pace worldwide, it is becoming a viable option to choose for a living .

Streaming is one of the most popular way to enter in this gaming world.

Here are some tips for the new streamers to be more settled in this competitive field –

Choosing Platform-

This can be a very important choice to be made before starting your streaming career. this choice depends on which part of the world you live in. In some countries certain platforms are more popular then others .So take a deep dive and search for most suitable streaming platform for yourself.Example of some streaming platforms are – Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and many others.

Gaming Skills & Entertaining Skills-

Both of these skills are very important to be a successful streamer. As a new streamer it is important to be very good at a game to attract audience to check out your stream. Entertaining your viewers is important to make them visit your stream regularly. Acknowledging them and talking to them can make them a permanent audience. Your entertaining skills will grow as you stream more and more and become more comfortable to express yourself to your audience.

Webcam & Microphone-

Webcam is must to be a good streamer it is the , you need to have a webcam to be connected with your audience. Similarly a good microphone is very important for a streamer whether you are new or not. Lets be real , no one wants to hear a cracked robotic voice. Give your audience a pleasant experience by having a good microphone.

Be Patient-

For a new streamer sometimes it can be very frustrating to give your all the time and hardwork and not having any viewers and success.But the path to be a good streamer is a slow and steady grind . If you think you can have hundreds of viewers in a month then you are wrong . You need to be very patient and give time to your hard work to give any results.

Just keep on grinding and be patient. All The Best Future Streamers.


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