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Thunder Predator and SG esports eliminated from Dota 2 TI 10

After the final day of group stage all the teams going to main event are finalised. Unfortunately two teams got eliminated from TI 10 after group stages, both of these teams are from South America region. Thunder Predator from Peru and SG esports from Brazil ended the group stage at last place in their groups. Now only one team from South America is remaining in The International 10 which is beastcoast.

Thunder Predator and SG esports finished TI 10 with a 17-18 place finish and end up with $100,000 prize money from $40 million grand prize pool.

Thunder Predator was in group A and had a pretty rough event. They were eliminated from the tournament just after day 3 of group stages. They failed to win even a single map in 8 BO2 series and ended their TI 10 run with a score o-16.

SG esports was in group B, they end up TI 10 with a score of 2-14 in 8 series played. They won both the map against Fnatic, SG defeated Fnatic 2-0 on day 2.


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