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Team Vitality wins Paris Major | Vitality vs Gamer Legion grand final Result

Team Vitality are the Blast Tv Paris Major champions, they defeat Gamer Legion 2-0 in the grand finals and 500K USD. Team Vitality has won the final CSGO Major on their home soil in France.

Team Vitality wins Paris major defeat Gamer Legion 2-0 in grand finals

Vitality vs Gamer Legion: Paris Major Grand Final Result

Team Vitality and Gamer Legion faced each other in the grand finals of the Blast TV Paris Major. Vitality was the favourite going into this matchup and played like it. Vitality won the first map, Overpass 16-6 and then Nuke 16-13 to win the Paris Major.

Team Vitality with this Major victory won the last ever CSSGO major. Zywoo, Apex and Spinx won their first ever CSGO major, whereas the Danish legends Magisk won his 4th major and Dupreeh won his 5th major. Team Vitality didn't drop a single map in this historic major run.

Dupreeh attended every CSGO major and is now the only player to win 5 CSGO majors which is the most in CSGO history.

Gamer Legion's underdog run in Paris Major

Gamer Legion despite losing in the grand finals had an insane major run. Gamer Legion was down 0-2 in the Legends stage and didn't only qualify for the playoffs, they also managed to reach the grand finals.

From a group of almost no names, Gamer Legion has now surprised the entire world. They will be entering the CSGO 2 era with great momentum


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