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Team Spirit wins PGL Dota 2 Arlington Major, beat PSG.LGD in Grand Finals

Team Spirit defeat PSG.LGD in the Grand Finals of PGL Arlington Dota 2 Major 2022 and became the champions. Team Spirit won USD 200,000 from half a million prize pool. After this performance, Spirit is now in third place and PSG remained at the top of the DPC leaderboard.

PSGL Major Dota 2 final result, Spirit win Dota 2 major

Team Spirit and PSG.LGD are developing a rivalry as world's top 2 teams and had faced each other in three consecutive grand finals of a tier 1 event. First Team Spirit won The International 2021 by defeating PSG.LGD 3-2, then SPG. LGD won Riyadh master by beating Spirit 2-0 in the finals. And now they faced each other again and this time Team Spirit came out victorious.

PSG.LGD vs Team Spirt Grand Finals results: Dota 2 PGL Major Results

On the final day of Dota 2 PGL Major, Team Spirit beats Team Aster 2-1 in the lower bracket finals to secure their spot in the Grand Finals of the major. PSG.LGD and Team Spirit faced each other in the upper bracket finals where PSG beat Spirit 2-0 to move onto the finals.

The Grand Finals of PGL Major was a best of 5 series. PSG.LGD came out strong and won the first map convincingly. The second map of this series was a turning point, Team Spirit won this 75-minute thriller and shifted the momentum completely. From their, Spirit won two more maps in a row to win the grand finals 3-1 and lifted the PGL Arlington Major trophy.


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