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Team Secret signs iceiceice to their Dota 2 roster | Sumail to Secret rumours ?

iceiceice signs with team secret to replace Zai

Team Secret signs iceiceice to their Dota 2 roster to fill the void created by departure of Zai and matumbaman from their team. Secret are announcing about their new roster in a very creative way. They have created a mini comic series to tease and reveal their roster. In episode 4 of this series 'Pants Off' they reveal about their signing of iceiceice.

Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang is a 32 year old Singaporean professional Dota 2 player who was playing for Evil Geniuses from November 2020 but didn't had any major success with them. The SEA Dota 2 legend iceiceice tried his luck in this hectic off season and found himself with Secret.


This off season of Dota 2 is getting crazy day after day, almost everyday there is a roster change of top teams and star players. Almost every top team is going under major roster changes and rebuilding. Secret, OG, EG, Liquid and many more top tier teams are shuffling their rosters before beginning of next season.

Nisha back to Carry role , Sumail to Secret ?-

Michał Nisha Jankowski is back to carry position for Team Secret. After the departure of matumbaman from Secret the team brought back Nisha to his orignal carry role. This means that Team Secret are now looking for a mid laner.

In the comic series of Secret, they teased fans with a king chess piece in the midlane of Dota 2 map. This hint almost made it clear that they will be signing Sumail as their midlaner and final piece of roster.


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