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Team Liquid won EMEA LCQ and qualify for VCT Champions 2021

Team Liquid won EMEA LCQ and qualified for VCT 2021 Champions.

Team Liquid won EMEA Last Chance Qualifiers and qualified as last EMEA representative for VCT 2021 Champions. Liquid defeat Guild 3-1 in grand finals of EMEA LCQ.

Team Liquid now joins Gambit, Acend and Fnatic as EMEA's representative in VCT 2021 Champions which will be hosted in Berlin from December 1st.

Liquid vs Guild EMEA LCQ grand finals results-

Liquid beat G2 2-1 in upper bracket finals to move to grand finals. Guild then defeat G2 2-0 in lower bracket finals to secure their rematch against Team Liquid in grand finals. Both these teams faced each other earlier in this event in upper bracket round 2 and Liquid won that matchup 2-0.

Grand Finals was best of 5, Guild picked Haven and won 13-5 to start strong in grand finals. Team Liquid then showed that why they are considered one of the best team in Europe. Liquid won 3 straight maps to win the grand finals 3-1. Liquid won Ascend 13-10, Split 13-7 and Breeze 13-7 to close out the finals series.

Liquid vs Guild EMEA LCQ grand finals results


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