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Team Bald Reborn Dota 2 climb upto position 4 in DPC Europe, beat ITB 2-1

Team Bald Reborn defeat Into The Breach (ITB) 2-1 in DPC Western Europe. With this win Team Bald had climbed upto 4th place in the lower division. Team Bald Reborn is the team of streamers and has a massive fan base, as the biggest streamer of Dota 2, Gorgc is the founder and carry player of Team Bald.

DPC Western EU lower division standings -

In Tour 2 of 2020 DPC season, Team Bald Reborn finished with a 4th place finish and surprised everyone. This season Team Bald still has chance to be a top 2 team in lower division and get promoted to upper division. Currently Chicken Fighters are at the top of leaderboard and are undefeated, Brame and Entity are tied for second place.

Team Bald Reborn will be playing 2 more games this tour against Chicken Fighters and Chillax. They must win both these series to continue their hope of getting promoted to upper division.


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