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T1 Valorant Roster Changes | Valorant updates

North American valorant team T1 announced their roster changes before VCT challengers stage 3. T1 have been recently struggling with their roster as they had pretty bad run in stage 2 VCT challengers and currently has 0 (zero) VCT points.

T1 parted ways with their IGL and captain Sam "DaZeD" Marine. T1's head Coach David Denis stated that DaZed and he had different vision on how they wanted team to play.

"Spyder" Ha Jung-woo will be taking break due to an injury. To replace him T1 is bringing Anthony "dawn" Hagopian from their academy roster. Dawn previously played for Pittsburgh Knights valorant roster.

T1 is now resigning Braxton "brax" Pierce to their roster. He was the first ever player who got signed to any professional Valorant team, as T1 signed him in beta phase of the game. But due to teams unsuccess they released him and he signed with TSM. As TSM is now going major roster changes brax is now once again the part of T1.

Rahul" curry" Nemani will now be the IGL of the Team. T1's Coach mentioned that they needed someone aggressive and passionate as their IGL and Curry plays a lot of ranked games so he is always on top of the meta and he also plays against all the pros.

T1 current Valorant Roster-

Skadoodle Tyler Latham

autimatic Timothy Ta

curry Rahul Nemani

brax Braxton Pierce

dawn Anthony Hagopian


Spyder Ha Jung-woo (하정우)


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