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T1 out of Challengers 2 after another disappointed run : VCT NA Challengers 2 recap

T1 eliminated from Challengers 2 as they lost 2-0 to Faze in lower bracket elimination game. North American Valorant roster had another disappointed performance and are out of VCT 2021. They are not only out of road to Berlin Masters but are also out of VCT 2021 championship.

T1 started strong in Challengers 2 as they continued their momentum from open qualifiers to defeat V1 in upper bracket game. Then they faced TSM who were also looking for redemption in Challengers 2, they lost 1-2 in a close series and got dropped in lower bracket.

T1 vs FaZe result: VCT Stage 3Na Challengers 2

T1 faced FaZe in elimination game, map 1 was Split and despite a great comeback attempt T1 lost 10-13. Map 2 was Ascent where Faze took the map and series with same score of 13-10.

Faze will now face Rise in lower bracket game for a spot in lower bracket finals and Sadly for T1 this ends their journey in Challengers 2 and VCT 2021. V1 and Gen.G also got eliminated from Challengers 2.

TSM will face Luminosity in upper bracket finals, the looser of this game ill face winner of game between Rise and Faze. All 4 of these teams are qualified for Challengers playoffs.

VCT Stage 3 NA Challengers Playoffs teams-

All 8 teams for Challengers 2 are now finalised. The Stage 3 NA Challengers playoffs will start on August 11, where these 8 teams will fight for 3 NA spots in Berlin Masters.

Teams like Sentinels, Xset and 100t will be favourites to qualify but anything is possible in this highly competitive region.


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