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Sumail and Saksa left OG Esports Dota 2 roster

Sumail and Saksa leaves OG to purse future opportunities with other organisations. OG announced this on November 8th on their twitter. A roster change for OG esports was expected as they had a disappointing performance in TI 10 in Bucharest, Romania. OG finished The International 2021 with a 7th-8th place finish and also had a disappointing DPC season. OG almost didn't made it to TI 10 and qualified as the last EU team from regional qualifiers.

Sumail and Saksa left OG dota 2 roster

OG in an article mentioned that after their run in TI 10 the team called an meeting to discuss about their future plans. During the meeting both Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan and Martin “Saksa” Sazdov expressed their desires to pursue opportunities outside of OG

The two time International champions OG had found it difficult to maintain stability in their roster in previous season. The retirement of Jerax and ana after TI 9 bring many uncertainty and instability in their roster. Since then OG had tried many players like midone, iLTW, Sumail etc. and also tried experimenting with their positions, Topson as offlaner, Sumail as carry, midlaner and offlaner, they also tried Midone as carry and offlaner but didn't found any success.

“Both of them are incredible players and even better teammates. I am sure they will have a transformative effect in any organization they chose to join and they will continue to prove their world class talent. Martin, Sumail, you will be missed. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us and thank you for always being warm and kind to us all.”

– JMR Luna, CEO of OG esports.

OG currently now has only three members from original International winning roster, Notail, Ceb and Topson are still part of the team.

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