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Shroud won in his Valorant Competitive debut | Shroud's team eliminated from VCT

Shroud and his team 'What’s going on' won their debut match against 'Damn I Love Fwogs' 2-0. They played them in round of 128 and beat them convincingly and the whole team performed well and looked promising.

Shroud announced his return to competitive scene of valorant on his twitch stream. He be teamed up with former CS:GO pro laski, former Valorant pro for Cloud9 Relyks, Valorant content creator ShawnBM and iiTzTimmy (Apex legend/Valorant streamer).

Shroud debuted with Kay/o in his first ever pro valorant match. He had 11 kills and server high 12 assist in hi debut on Haven. His team won this map 13-6 behind ShawnBM's Cypher with 24 kills and only eight deaths.

Second map was Bind and it was also one sided as Whats going on won 13-4 and took the series 2-0. Shroud played Omen on this map and had 16 kills. Laski led the way with 20 kills on his Raze.


Shroud's team eliminated from VCT Challengers 2-

After an amazing performance in their debut Whats going on lost to EZ5 in RO 64 game. It was a completely one sided affair as EZ5 won the series 2-0 in a dominant fashion. After this lost their journey ended in VCT stage 3 Challengers 2. It was a disappointed tournament for team and Shroud as they were not even in the RO 32 and only won 1 series in their run.

Map 1 was Breeze, Ez5 took the map 13-7 but it was not even close as after first half the score was 11-1 in favour of EZ5 and despite a comeback attempt by Shroud's team Ez5 took a 1-0 lead in series.

Map 2 was Haven and Ez5 took it even more easily with a final score of 13-5. They took the series 2-0 and eliminated Whats going on from VCT Challengers 2.

In this whole series Shroud's team looked overly matched both individually and strategically.


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