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Sentinels complete TenZ Buyout from Cloud9 | TenZ officially joins Sentinels

VCT Masters 2 winner Sentinels finally acquire Tyson "TenZ" Ngo to their valorant Roster on a long term deal from Cloud9. Tenz joined Sentinels as a stand-in on loan for Jay "sinatraa" Won after his suspension from roster.

Iceland Masters MVP TenZ many times stated that he wanted to stay and play with Sentinels. After winning VCT Masters 2 in his interview he clearly mentioned about how much he wanted to stay with Sentinels and continue his future with them.

Months after TenZ decided to step down from the Cloud9 Blue roster, Sentinels paid out the $1.25 million buyout clause detailed in the loan contract signed back in April, according to an Upcomer report with details of the transaction.

Sentinels many time teased their fans regarding this move and finally announced it on their twitter.

Cloud9's CEO Jack reply on Reddit-

Jack, founder of C9 replied to a Reddit thread regarding this announcement and revealed that the deal was done before Masters 2.

“Hey to give some context this deal was done before Iceland,” Jack said in the Valorant Competitive Reddit. “It was a dangerous deal for us as we knew we would soon face Sentinels in the Iceland Qualifiers, however it was important to Tyson to play and I wanted to make it happen for him.”


Sentinels Current Valorant Roster-

ShahZaM Shahzeb Khan

SicK Hunter Mims

zombs Jared Gitlin

dapr Michael Gulino

TenZ Tyson Ngo


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