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Secret and Liquid qualifies for TI 11 | The International 2022 LCQ results

Team Secret and Team Liquid won TI 11 LCQ and qualifies for The International 2022. Both the Western European teams and fan favorite teams qualified for TI 11 through LCQ. They now joined the rest 18 teams in The International to compete for the DOTA 2 world championship 2022. The group stages of TI 11 will start on October 15th.

TI 11 LCQ results, Secret and Liquid qualify for TI 11

In the group stages TI 11 LCQ, Team Secret finished 3rd and Team Liquid won their group. Both the teams started playoffs in the upper bracket, Secret cruised their way through the upper bracket to qualify for TI 11 whereas Team Liquid had a bit of a rough time through lower bracket.

TI 11 LCQ Final Result: Secret and Liquid to TI 11

The Last Chance Qualifiers for The International 11 have finished and we have our final two teams to qualify for TI 11. On the final day of LCQ, there were three games played, first game was Secret vs VP in the upper bracket finals. Team Secret won this series 2-0 and qualified for TI 11.

In the lower bracket semi-finals, Team Liquid faced Vici Gaming and won 2-1 to secure their rematch against in the lower bracket finals. Liquid and VP faced each other in the upper-semi-finals of playoffs, where VP won and force Team Liquid into the lower bracket. In this rematch, Team Liquid won 2-0 with a dominant performance and secured the final spot of The International 11.

Team Secret captain Clement "Puppey" Ivanov is now the only player in Dota2 history to compete in every International. This will be his 11th consecutive TI appearance and he will be looking to get his second championship.

THE INTERNATIONAL 11 Predictions and Betting

The International 2022 LCQ started on October 8th with Last Chance Qualifiers and the main event will begin on October 15th.

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