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S1mple - MVP of Blast Premier Fall Final 2021 | Navi won Blast Premier Fall Final

Navi defeat Vitality 2-1 in grand finals of Blast Premier Fall Final 2021. Navi adds Blast Fall Final's trophy to their dominant 2021 season. In opening map of grand finals, s1mpel had 36 kills and dominated the server, s1mpled had total of 76 kills, 1.49 rating and 102.6 ADR in BO 3 grand finals against Vitality.

World's number one player s1mple was named as Fall Final MVP and also the finals MVP of the event against Vitality. S1mple had an average rating of 1.39 in the tournament. KD ratio of 1.57 and averaged 23.2 kills per map. Zywoo was the close second in MVP race but the shocking part was that in top 4 players 3 player are from NAVI. other than s1mple, B1T and electronic also had an amazing performance in Blast Fall Final.

S1mple has proven this year that he is not only the current world's best player but also the greatest player of all time to ever play counter strike. This season S1mple has achieved many milestones and also finally won his first CSGO major. Just before Fall Final Navi and s1mple won the PGL Stockholm Major and s1mple was also the MVP of PGL Major. This year Navi also completed the Intel Extreme Grand Slam.

Navi and s1mple will now compete in Blast Premier World Final on December 14. This event will be the last event of this year and will had a prizepool of 1 million USD.


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