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Ropz join Faze csgo roster to replace Olofmeister | Faze new csgo roster

Faze Clan signs Robin "ropz" Kool to their csgo roster for the new 2022 season. Ropz will be replacing Olofmeister from the team as he is benched. Ropz is just 22 year old despite having so much experience in tier 1 csgo, which will be a great addition to Faze Clan roster. This Faze clan roster was always looked like one piece away from being the championship team, They always lacked consistency.

This signing is extremely good for both ropz and Faze. Faze will be getting an star top 20 player to their team to fill the void of Olofmeister, who had previously decided to retire. Ropz will most probably be playing as an lurker for the team.

As for Ropz himself, he will be joining a winning roster who impressed everyone in the later quarter of the year. Ropz was always considered a superstar calibre player but never was a part of winning culture in mousesports. He had the potential to be a champion which can be fulfilled with Faze clan. Ropz already had experience and chemistry with Karrigan who was the IGL for mouz roster prior to Faze Clan.

Ropz and mousesports both had a rough 2021 season and had no success, the change in mouz roster was anticipated by everyone as they will be looking to rebuild their roster now. They will be reinforcing their roster with the talent from young mouz, which is their talent academy.


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