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Quincy Crew beats NoPing in upper bracket | WePlay AniMajor Playoffs

Quincy Crew won their upper bracket series against NoPing esports 2-1. They will now face Southeast Asian team T1 in upper bracket round 2.

South American team NoPing are now dropped in lower bracket where they will face another North American team Evil Geniuses in elimination game.

Game 1, it was a complete domination by North American team Quincy Crew. Their midlaner Quinn won his lane super hard and from their own it was a snowball effect for them. The game just ended in 20 min.

Game 2, after bad game 1 from NoPing they bounce back in next game an took it in 35 min. For them their carry player hfn on his Gyrocopter got super ahead of enemy carry and carried the game.

Game 3, it was a complete clown fiesta as casters said, "both teams looked sloppy". Quincy Crew took the decider game in 41 min and took the series to stay in upper bracket. This game had several failed attempts of finishing throne by both teams and failed dives.

Quincy Crew are already qualified for the big main event of the year The International 10.


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