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PGL Major results : NAVI and G2 qualifies for playoffs, EG and ENCE eliminated

PGL Stockholm Major is reaching its final phase as the Legends stage finishes its first 2 days. G2 and Navi qualified for Champions stage and playoffs after winning all 3 rounds. After first 2 days each team played 3 rounds and two teams managed to qualify for New Champions and Playoffs stage, whereas two teams got eliminated after loosing all 3 rounds.

G2 esportsd and Navi qualifies for Champions stage and playoffs of PGL major

Navi and G2 won all of their games and became the first 2 teams to qualify for playoffs, they will be soon joined by 6 more teams in New Champions stage. Unfortunately, EG and ENCE losses all of their 3 games and got eliminated form major with a 15th-165h place finish and $17,500 prize money.

PGL Major day 3 Round 4 schedule-

Gambit, Entropiq, NiP, Heroic, Copenhagen flames and Furia are all currently 2-1 in Legends stage and are in upper part of group. They will face each other according to seeding and the 3 of them will move on to playoffs after round 4.

Astralis, VP, Faze, Liquid, Vitality and Mouz are all 1-2 so far and are in lower part of group. They will face each other according to seeding, 3 of them will be eliminated after round 4.


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